My name is Ronet Roshan Menezes.

I am currently working in Bangalore. I Praise Jesus for all good that he has done in my life. I lost my elder sister due to snake bite before I was born and later I lost my father when I was 4 year old. My mother suffered a lot during these times. I first came to know about the retreat centre in Karnad from my cousin brother who was suffering from TB and we visited the retreat centre in Mulki. I am not sure which year but I haven’t forgotten the testimony given by Sharon from your choir who had Maruthi 800 car which got spoilt near the retreat centre gate and how boiling water from the radiator fell on her face and miracle happened. Me and my cousin were there during 5 days retreat and that’s how I came to know about Fr. Jerry. The retreat was so powerful that world is nothing in front of the Jesus’s words. I requested my cousin to take me to Mulki again but he didn’t and later my cousin lost his life. I slowly skipped ICYM youth group in church and church mass as they weren’t so effective to me. All started to blame me for not going to church mass but no one supported to come to Mulki again. Later in 2009 my life changed completely but in a negative direction. I did diploma two years in computer science and I lost interest in everything.

Later in 2011, my uncle introduced me to aeronautical engineering and I agreed to it, I joined Shashib college of engineering in Bangalore and it was very difficult subject compared to other courses. I used to stay in hostel and one day muslim guy from Manipur showed me again the value of bible words, since then I read Psalm 91 without fail, which passed me in several exams which I thought I would fail. By Gods grace I passed with 68% First class through VTU university. You know aeronautical is a tough course and need more concentration than other subjects. All my engineering life I have read Psalm 91 and God helped me pass my exams with ease. But as my sister promised me to take me to Dubai after my engineering, I thought she would but as soon as I passed my exams on June 2016 she said “we are leaving Dubai, if you want to visit Dubai you can but not for looking for a job as my mom would return on June 28, 2016 I should have returned back to India with her”. All my engineering life she sugar coated me with all these promises and at the last moment she backstabbed me and got away easily with it, they are not even agreeing to whatever they promised. As they are rich with money all my family members took their support and left me with stranded with no options, I failed. Later in in the same year I tried several jobs in aeronautical but wasn’t lucky and I failed again. So I tried jobs in other fields but no happiness in the job I work. Because of their greediness they ruined my whole life intentionally. Now they are in America and laughing at my struggling life. However I met many people who just didn’t want to help me at any moment of my life and I failed. Later year, I came to Fr. Jerry where he helped me with a job but those people couldn’t help me. However I found a small job in Manipal which later I quit and started trying for foreign on my own.

Well I had no proper life here in India, Feb 2021, as I planned to go to Canada as a student and I started preparing for IELTS and by grace of God I passed with overall score of 6.5 with 8 in speaking in first attempt. I got admission in university of Canada West but had to wait for visa. From October 2021 – December 2021 I completed my one term course and my visa got rejected and I couldn’t go to Canada. I was completely broken, lonely and I thought I will never come up in my life, and I thought to end my life by committing suicide. As my last wish I came to attend one day retreat on December 24, 2021, during holy eucharist prayer God changed my mind. Despite of the worries and sadness, I decided to live again. On February 2022, I got a job in Bangalore to restart my life and I thank Jesus for giving me a new life to live for him. I hear the prayer through YouTube everyday and it gives me peace of mind and gives me strength and courage to fight against the odds of life. I am turning 33 this August. I have been searching for a life partner to start a family but I failed again due to my low salary. Whatever I start it doesn’t get to the end, obstacles come in between in life and work. I know Jesus has plans for me and I have strong belief he will lift me high up among all. Jesus accept my testimony through Fr. Jerry and forgive my sins. I love you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

Bless me father.
Date of Posting: 27 June 2022
Posted By: Ronet Roshan Menezes
My name is Sonal D'Souza, from Mukamar. I just wanted to give my testimony of the blessings received!

I have been visiting to the retreat centre from a long time since 2011. Jesus have showered a lot of blessings on me all through this time.

I am currently pursuing my masters in the UK. In the previous month I was doing my thesis work for masters program. Due to my procrastination was lagging behind on my work. Even though I was clueless on how to proceed in my working, I just trusted Jesus and worked harder. I believed in him and did my report without any fear. During my working I believed that Jesus would help me and was continuously listening to the YouTube videos posted by your team. I usually don’t like any kind of music or disturbance during my working. But listening to the teachings actually enlightened me and I did my work peacefully.

I just received my results this evening and I am so glad to say this that I got a distinction in my thesis as well as my MSc program. I had never really thought I could get a distinction because of my procrastination. But Jesus made it possible!

I would like to thank Jesus for always being on my side.

Praise the Lord
Date of Posting: 27 September 2021
Posted By: Sonal D'Souza
Praise the Lord, Alleluiah.

I am Ronet Roshan Menezes. Would like to Praise the Lord, the almighty for he has protected me and helped me all my life and forgiven my mistakes.

After my completion of Engineering, I had no proper job related to my studies and I tried to go to foreign but with no success. I was completely broken down but Jesus held my hand and took care of me while I was down in my life. Teachings and prayers has kept me alive all these years. As there was nothing to lose and no option left, I decided to go to Israel for work, but when I discussed this with my sister, we came across student visa for Canada. My professional qualification was not sufficient as I had no proper job. When enquired IELTS was the first step to apply for Canada and I applied for IELTS exam on March 27 and 28, 2021. Before going to exam hall I prayed to Jesus to be with me during the exam. On April 9, results were announced and by grace of Jesus I scored overall score of 6.5. This has happened only because of Jesus Christ. He has helped me to score this mark. Praise the Lord, Alleluiah. Thank you Jesus.

This is my small testimony for the miracle Jesus has done in my life and I trust and believe Jesus will definitely help me and guide in further procedures of Visa. So I praise you Jesus and ask for forgivenss for any mistakes I have done. Forgive me Lord Jesus. Guide me in the right path and to honour you and praise you Jesus. I thank you for everything.
Date of Posting: 27 April 2021
Posted By: Ronet Roshan Menezes
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
Glory to Almighty Lord our God Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, uncountless thanks to our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Father Jerry,
This is Prem D’cruz from Dubai, UAE.
I would like to give my testimony as below.
Firstly, I would like to thank Almighty Lord our God Jesus Christ from the bottom of my heart for all the uncountless blessing he has given me and my family right from our mother's womb.

First Testimony
I, my wife, my first child and my mother in law had attended retreat in the last week on August 2019 at Divine Mission Society, Punaroor, Mangalore.
This retreat really really changed my life and brought me more and more closer to Jesus Christ our Lord, who died for my Sin.
By God's grace and his blessings, me and my wife were blessed with our second Baby Girl Deona on 7th June 2020.
It was all Jesus Christ's blessing that took us safely during my wife's pregnancy period, in this pandemic Covid-19 time.
All my wife’s routing check up and delivery was safe and smooth, by God's grace.
Thank you Jesus

Second Testimony
Father, if you remember, I had messaged you on 25th November 2020, saying that, I have tested positive for Covid-19 and I had asked you to keep me and my family in your prayers.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
I would like to inform you that, Lord our God Jesus Christ has completely cured me of this sickness.
By God's grace, I did not have any major issues, as my Jesus Christ was always beside me.
He also took care of my wife and children.
He gave us all the strength and courage during this time.

Thank you Jesus

Jesus Christ, I Love you and you alone are the mighty Savior.
Thank Thank Thank you very much, Jesus.
Date of Posting: 17 December 2020
Posted By: Prem D'Cruz
Praise the Lord.

I am Evita Fernandes from Thane.

I would like to testify regarding the problem of sense of smell that I faced from past 2-3 months. Initially, I found myself not being able to get the exact smell of the food I used to consume, later I got a bit smell like chemical. So, my parents along with my brother and me daily offered up our humble petition before the Lord. We also visited the doctor and at first, he gave allergy medications but as the condition was still prevailing, he gave us steroids and said if it persists an MRI has to be taken. My mom had called Fr. Jerry and he guided me towards prayer and told me regularly read the 1 Corinthians chap 12. I read it daily and continued my prayer in complete faith. During this time, I avoided intake of any medicine.After 2-3 weeks I started experiencing differences in my sense of smell. Now I am completely healed by the grace of god and by his abundant blessings that he showered upon me. I praise him and glorify him alone for all the wonders he has brought about in my life.
Date of Posting: 16 November 2020
Posted By: Evita Fernandes

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The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit are one

There are people here
deceived by the devil
They reject the truth
and are trapped to ask
Is Trinity mentioned
In the whole Bible?

Oh! People of the world
better know the truth
before it’s too late
Because Jesus never said
go and baptize
in the name of the Father alone

Of course there is one God
and can’t be three
God the Father is like the sun
God the Son is like the light
God the Holy Spirit is like the heat
One God but three persons

Jesus said “Go, then, baptize them
In the name of the Father
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit”
Because they are not separate
they are one

- Lancy Cardoza, Taccode


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ಯೆತಾತ್ ಕಶಿಂ?

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ಕಿತ್ಯಾಕ್ ಹಿ ಪಾಚ್ವಿ ಪಾಚ್ವಿ ಪ್ರಥ್ವಿ
ಸ್ರಷ್ಟಿ ತ್ಯೆ ಸೊಮ್ಯಾ ಜಿಜುಚಿ

ಪಳೆತಾನಾ ಹಿ ಪಾಚ್ವಿ ಪಾಚ್ವಿ ಪ್ರಥ್ವಿ
ಹಾ! ಮೆಳ್ತಾ ಶಾಂತಿ ಕಿತ್ಲಿ
ಕಾಂಯ್ ಇತ್ಲಿ ನ್ಹಯ್ ತಿತ್ಲಿ
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ಜಾತಾತ್ ಕಶಿಂ?
ತಿಂ ಭಾಟಾಂ ಆಮ್ಚಿಂ ತುಮ್ಚಿಂ
ಭರ್‍ತಾತ್ ಕಶಿಂ?

ತಿಂ ವೊಡ್ತಾಂ ವಯ್ಲಿಂ ಸಕಯ್ಲಿಂ
ಧಲ್ತಾತ್ ಕಶಿಂ?
ತಿಂ ತೊಟಾಂ ಪಾಟ್ಲಿಂ ಮುಕ್ಲಿಂ
ಸೊಬ್ತಾತ್ ಕಶಿಂ?

ವರ್ಣುಂಕ್ ಸೊಬಾಯ್ ಹಿ
ಪಾಂವ್ಚಿಂ ನಾ ಜಿಣಿ ಕವಿಚಿ
ಕಿತ್ಯಾಕ್ ಹಿ ಪಾಚ್ವಿ ಪಾಚ್ವಿ ಪ್ರಥ್ವಿ
ಸ್ರಷ್ಟಿ ತ್ಯೆ ಧನ್ಯಾ ದೆವಾಚಿ

- ಲ್ಯಾನ್ಸಿ ಕಾರ್ಡೊಜಾ ತಾಕೊಡೆ, ಅಲಂಗಾರ್