I am Allan D’souza from Naravi.

I thank you & praise you God Almighty for all the blessings and the miracles in my life.
I was working for a company in Dubai. Where I got the job through management influence. I had the top influence in the company. After working for 1.5 years also I did not get any increment. Everybody else got. I completely trusted on people. But I was praying for a good job. Earlier I was terminated because of some internal matters God blessed me with another job. So, I did not sit even for 1 day at home idle without a job.

Until then I was staying with my wife in somebody's house as a paying guest. I always had a dream of renting an individual house. God granted our wish. I got all the facilities from the company which I was expecting. After 8 months, I started facing problems at my work place again. I was searching for other opportunity. At that time my colleague lost his job. I went to the neighboring company to meet that owner and ask for a job for my friend. As per God's plans I was offered that job instead of my friend. He started a new company and he made me in charge of that company.

In spite of having so many years of working experience I always had a dream of managing a company, where as I always used to tell my wife. She said to me that you keep praying and have trust in God, you will be a manager one day. And now within 8 months I am working in my new company as a Manager. Again, I thank God for this wonderful miracle.

When I resigned from my previous employer since I was in limited contract I was supposed to pay certain amount + Visa charges to the company and the owner had the right to put ban on me. But Nothing unusual happened. If I go to labor court it will take 1 more month.

We informed Fr. Jerry Sequeira about this situation. I was very scared and had no confidence. So, we requested him to pray for us. He just said one thing which strongly stroke my soul. He said if you have faith in you, do not go for it. If you only have faith in Jesus Christ, then only proceed and you will be a success. And he also told us to read PS: 23, 121 & 128. Since then I have not left reading and praying.

All the problems got sorted within no time. He took time to cancel my visa. Still since I did not sit at home even for one day. From next day, onwards I started working in my new company.

Now I had to rent a car for my company use. But I couldn't afford by myself. We started praying. God enlightened my boss's mind. He paid the total value of my car in cash. So now that I don't have to pay any interest to the bank. I just need to pay only the actual amount.

Since then God has worked and is working miracles on a daily basis in my life. There is no count of his blessings and miracles in my life in the past two years. At times, I felt bad in difficult times. But I never realized that it happens for our own good.

I ask sorry for delaying in giving this testimony. And I want to thank Fr. Jerry and his team for their prayers.

Praise the Lord,

Thanks & Regards,
Allan D’souza
Date of Posting: 09 November 2016
Posted By: Allan D'souza
Sharjah, UAE
Dear Fr. Jerry,

One of my relative sent me one video yesterday which was on Idol worship. I heard it in the night and I had to write to you to say that it blessed me so much. I am a born again believer, from Kanajar - Mangalore now in Bahrain. I was also in darkness for 37 years of my life and now have come to light since last 7 years. I must tell you that your messages are so clear and easy to understand. I want to thank you specially because now I found some way to reach out to my family in Kanajar, by sending your youtube messages. I am sure it will touch and bless someone, as the Word says, God's Word will never return void. Now I am sharing your messages with my family, friends and school mates. I pray to God that He will continue to bless you, guide you and guard you.

With best regards,

God bless you,

Anita Fernandes.
Date of Posting: 08 November 2016
Posted By: Anitha Fernandes
Dearest Fr. Jerry,

I write this email with lot of joy and encouragement after hearing the videos that you upload on Youtube.com.

Fr, the Holy Eucharist video of 10-09-2016 is so much filled with God’s word and how much Jesus loves us and has forgiven us from our sins. I have at least heard it nearly 20 times since and we have downloaded the same video and we all now watch it at our Home LED as a family. I thank you Fr. for again giving us the Word of God through YouTube every Monday and we always wait for the same.

Fr. I was working in Dubai and even there myself and my Christian roommates would watch the videos on YouTube .. They all are from Mangalore and I was the only one from Mumbai but still they would feel strangled that though they were in Mangalore they never paid attention to the Word of God and Life with Jesus. Today as soon as you upload the video on Youtube I immediately put the same link on our Whatsapp group so that they too will hear the Word of God.

Fr. by God’s grace I have got a Job in Doha, Qatar (Qatar Airways), my visa has arrived and every time I went for my medicals and other visa related thing I would always say Psalms 23,121,91,51 just as you told me 2 years back when I came to meet you at Trinity House Mangalore. Even during the interview here in Mumbai for Qatar Airways I recited the Psalms and by God’s grace I was able to pass the interview and I even cleared my Qatar GAMCA (GCC approved Medical center Association) here in Mumbai. I thank God for the miracle he has worked in my life. Further my Qatar office told me that the work visa would take at-least 3-6 weeks as it was the season of Ramadan last month. But I got my work visa only in 3 days. I remember when I went to Dubai on a visit visa for 3 times, dada had spent more than 2 lakhs but still I did not secure a job in Dubai but by God’s grace I didn't even spend a single rupee for the Qatar job. I thank God for his never ending love and mercy. I am told that the tentative dates for flying to Doha would be 7th October 2016 and I truly believe that the Lord will certainly help me and guide me to build a fruitful career in Doha. I request you for your blessings and prayers before I fly to Doha.

I thank you dear Fr. Jerry for bringing me close to Jesus,

I also thank you for teaching us a small prayer (Jesu Havn Tuzo, Ani Tu Muzo) which I recite number of times in a day.
Date of Posting: 22 September 2016
Posted By: Joel Ivan D'Silva
Mumbai/ Doha
My Son did not want to go away from home to do his studies in engineering. We had left all hopes as it was the second and most probably the last round for admissions. Management quota seat was costing around 4.5 lakhs. I was praying to God to take care of his child and bless him with a skill to earn his daily bread. I had also requested my son to pray to God, his Father to guide and bless him. Though I prayed fervently, I was still a doubting Thomas. In fact due to the various retreats of Fr Jerry and getting to know God more closely, we kept our hope and prayed. We kept it up to God to decide.

All praise and Glory to God for blessing my son with a seat to do his studies in Mechanical Engineering ( Govt. quota). And also the institute is very close to home. I remember the Christian song, ‘Four days late and still on time’ where Jesus came four days after Lazarus died. And still on time by giving him life. Really all hope was lost. But the best was kept for His child my son at the last round.

I also take this opportunity to thank all our brethren at Divine Mission Society for the intercession. I Pray to God our Father Almighty to bless Fr Jerry with good health and long life. God hears the prayers of the righteous.
Date of Posting: 26 July 2016
Posted By: Rosario Fernandes
Nuvem, Goa
Praise the lord.
I have been suffering from pleural effusion (disorder of lungs) . It is very painful. The pain was very severe & I thought of having a scan. On the scanning table I just prayed to God - "without your wish nothing happens ...so this disease you might have allowed to happen to me for some good reason. But I am not asking you to remove my disease but I am praying to you to give me strength to know the result and let my disease not affect my family happiness. And when the scan started my all time favorite angel Gabrielle wrapped me in his feathers and the result came there is pleural effusion but doctor said trust in God and go for medicine, don’t do surgery. I went for homoeo doctor and he said was very tensed at my report but didnt say a word and gave medicine and said you will be alright in two three days. I just saw and felt angel Gabrielle spoke to me and as doctor said within 5 days all pains stopped and no fluid in lungs too. Praise the lord.

In the first week of June 2016 Iexperienced a severe pain in stomach. I neglected it thinking it is gastritis. But for next two weeks it kept on increasing and I decided to do a scan on 27th June. I kept praying to God and on 26th (Sunday) during mass when communion was given, before I could keep it in the mouth, I prayed – “I take this communion in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Angel Gabrielle be in this bread and I will take it as medicine and kill the pain caused by evil spirits”. After the mass we went to our relatives house & market. Next day there was NO SIGN OF PAIN. A message to all when we pray, we should trust God not test whether God will cure or no.

Praise the Lord.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2016
Posted By: Liza Martis

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O Lord you are mighty,
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- Maria Lobo, Mumbai