Praise The Lord Jesus Christ for the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are yours now and forever Amen Alleluia.

I Fatima from Goa but recently came to UK. I was without any job for almost one and half month and was bit worried and disappointed and I did not know what to do. Then while praying and asking the Lord Jesus to show me your will I got a beautiful message from the Scriptures Jn. 14:1-4 and I believed and prayed and the Lord heard my cry and rescued me. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. And so also I phoned Fr. Jerry and asked him to pray for me and Fr. Jerry gave me beautiful Psalms i.e. Ps. 23, Ps. 121 and asked me to say each psalm 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening and I prayed continually for 18 days by putting my trust and faith in the Lord. On 20th May 2013 I went for an interview. Just in the morning I prayed to the Lord if it is your Will, I will get this job and 3 times I recited Ps. 23, 121 and 127 because the Lord said , I am the Good Shepherd you shall have everything you want and in Ps. 121 it say my help will come from the Lord who made heaven and earth because my Jesus is always awake and He is by my side to protect me from all dangers and in Ps. 127 the Lord says "It is use to work so hard for a living because the Lord provides for those he loves even while they as asleep”. Praise the Lord. I believed in Jesus and asked the Lord to give me your Holy Spirit to guide me and to enlighten my mind, my thoughts, my spirit and my heart. Thank You Jesus. So also I prayed to Mother Mary to be with me and to guide me and also to Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and My Guardian Angel to protect me from all evil.

Whatever I earn for my daily bread is a blessing from my Lord Jesus and 1/10 salary I will share it the Lord’s work to spread the Good News to the whole creation through the blessed work of Your Divine Mission Society.

Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Fatima
Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord!!

I have sent my prayer request to you long time back to pray for me to get a permanent job and a visa. By the Grace of God and your continuous prayer, here is a good news I got permanent job in Govt. organisation in Doha Qatar and a visa. Dear Fr. Thank you so much praying for me.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Juliana Cutinha D'Souza
Praise God,

Our visa was expiring and needed to find new sponsor and work which was very difficult as they are cutting down migrant workers in UK.We asked Fr.Jerry to pray for this intention and he advised to read psalm 23 as many times in a day which we did. We kept all our faith in Jesus and prayed together with our children. Within 15 days we found the sponsor and visa. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.I thank God for all the wonderful things that he has done in our life and for giving Fr.Jerry as his prophet in this current world.Through him and by the power of holy spirit we can understand word of God easily.Thank you Fr.Jerry and team for all the prayers and wonderful work.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Savitha / Anil Dsouza
I have never heard such retreat in my 40 years. Dear Father thanks a lot. God Bless.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Jerome John Francis Pinto
My name is Lucy Fernandes. This is the 7th year of my marriage. I was never happy in my married life. My husband and my in-laws were creating problems one or the other, and my husband was never mine. My marriage was almost over for me and I had lost hope that anything will change for me. One day I realized that am a sinner and I should do a good confession and I started praying to God to show me his ways to turn back to him. Then I started searching for God’s word on internet. One day suddenly I saw Fr. Jerry’s retreat on youtube. After listening to Fr. Jerry I was so sure that he is the way to reach God. Then I called Fr. Jerry and had a good confession. That day Fr. told me these words, sister your sins are forgiven and again never turn back. Just walk on the straight path which will lead you to God. Then I was only praying to God to show me his ways. Fr. Jerry kept me in his prayers and after few months I saw wonders in my life. My husband came back to me in the way that I never expected. I thought it was all over. But God showed me the way through Fr. Jerry. "PRAISE THE LORD". Fr. Jerry you are a true disciple of God who is proclaiming God’s message to everyone. May Almighty God bless you abundantly to take forward his mission. Thank you Fr. Jerry.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Lucy Fernandes

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Jesus is the only true Lord,
Jesus is the only true God
Other than him there is no one.
Hold on to him and you will be safe and sound.

Jesus is my only Lord.
No one can ever bond me with any cords,
He is the author of my life.
No one can ever change his plans for my soul.

He is the only true friend I have.
No one can ever take his place in my life.
He is the only true protector of my soul.
No humans can protect it that I know.

Jesus is my only true counselor.
When I am troubled to him alone I hold on.
The Lord is my only provider.
No one can ever meet my needs in this universe.

- Maria Lobo, Mumbai