Dear Fr.Jerry,

All Praise & honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. After continuosly attending your retreats for the past 3 years in Goa, Jesus has blessed me with a wonderful job in Abudhabi. I was interviewed on 16th & 17th of December' 2013 in a MNC (German Company) in Abudhabi, the same days you were giving retreat in Goa and was selected on the 17th and got my offer and contract letter on the 19th with a very high salary beyond my expectations. Earlier, I had been to UAE four times but nothing worked. Thank you Fr. Jerry for teaching me to totally surrender to God's will and not my own. Today Psalm 23, 91 & 121 which Fr. tells to recite everyday during his retreats has worked miracles for me. Once again thank you Fr. Jerry & Team for all your prayers. Praise God...Amen.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Debbie Fernandes
Praise the Lord. I am Richard Fernandes. I am working in Doha-Qatar. Everyday I am listening to Fr. Jerry’s word of God talks and healing prayer and mass. It is true that God is sending his messengers, the same way God has sent Fr. Jerry. Through you Fr, I have experienced the love of God. When I come back from work and before going to work atleast 1 hour I say my regular prayers. I completely stop watching TV serials, news, movies any programs, chatting. God has changed me and now. Each and every moment I talk with Jesus. My favorite game is cricket. Before I wasted my time in playing cricket. I stopped all. I spend more of my time with Jesus. Jesus gave me peace, full of satisfaction. I am happy that I am in the hands of God. I will never leave him. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Praise the Lord. Alleluia Love you Jesus.

I thank sincerely Fr. Jerry who put me in the hands of God and gave me new life. May Almighty God bless you abundantly to take forward his mission. Thank you Fr. Jerry.

I thank God for his bountiful blessings on me and my family through the prayers of Fr. Jerry and Team.

Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Richard Fernandes
Praise the Lord.....I am Mabel in New Zealand....I planned to visit Divine Mission Society....but for some reason I could not visit there. I was so upset. Everyday I am listening to Fr. Jerry’s word of God and healing prayer.

We brought here in New Zealand my mother-in-law in February 2013. After 7 weeks she put on weight and had a heart attack. We were was worried and rushed her to hospital. Doctor said her arteries are blocked now she must undergo surgery. They tried but could not do because one of her artery was twisted. Doctor said she must undergo double bypass surgery otherwise she will not live and we had to take decision. We said okay and we prayed for her recovery. But another side we were worried about the cost of her surgery. We did her travel insurance but we did not know if we could recover them or no because she already has high blood pressure and cholesterol. we prayed to Jesus and we asked Fr. Jerry to pray for her recovery. After surgery her heart was not recovering. After 8 days in ICU she began to response. Doctor was shocked because he said she will die and to prepare for her funeral. We promise to God we will take her Divine Mission Society retreat to give her testimony. Nothing is impossible with God. After 11 days she was discharged from ICU and was shifted to coronary care unit. She lost her memory because of all medicines. After 6 days her memory came back and after 15 days she was discharged from hospital. She cannot walk and she must use walker to go toilet and she needs help because of her weakness. God helped her in every way. All hospital costs are covered by insurance. Jesus has done a miracle in our life. Thank you Jesus.

I do not have children and me and my husband were trying from 6 years. When my mother-in-law arrived in New Zealand she told us to adopt a child. That made us very upset because we trust in God and believe that God will give us a child. We told her we will not go for adoption as we have got faith in Jesus and he will give us according to his plan. When she was in ICU we prayed for a new life for her because she wanted to see our child and we did not want her to die without seeing our child. God is almighty and he heard my prayer. I am pregnant now.

I was admitted in hospital with heavy bleeding in the 9th week of pregnancy. I prayed to God and my baby is safe. Now I am back in New Zealand and I am now in the 7 month. My baby is safe and I am not worried about anything because this child is an angel of God given to us and he will look after us. Fr. Jerry is so kind he is praying for us. I like his word of God. We will back with our baby one day to give our testimony. Thank you Jesus for everything.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Mabel Almeida
Today I myself feel very proud that I am united with Jesus. It is true that God is sending his messengers, the same way the God has send Fr. Jerry into my life, through him I have experienced the love of God.

I was in darkness, my life full of entertainment. No time for God. Not going for the mass. I was running behind wealth for 20 years in the Gulf. Although I had no peace, no satisfaction. Money was coming fast and going also fast.

In 2012 I was in a short vacation from Dubai. On the day of my return I went for some shopping to nearby market. I received a call from my daughter from Mumbai, saying that something went wrong with you, better you check before departure. I was full in tension, I got down from bus and said God please show me the way. It came in my mind not to go back to Dubai. I was working as Sales Manager. One side I did not want to leave my job. Other hand I did not want to spoil my life. The same moment I looked back and saw the manpower recruitment office for Israel. I approached there and everything went good and within 20 days I landed in Israel.

Everything was good, I said my regular prayers, but still there was something missing. With the help of a laptop I started to listen to retreat organized by one of the priests from Mangalore. In that clip I found Fr. Jerry’s preaching. Initially I did not like to watch because of unwanted thoughts and I shutdown and went to rest. But my mind was not relaxed, and I asked myself why I shutdown without watching? Again I opened I start listening.

After few minutes later something strange happened in me and I opened . I went through all pages and I completely surrendered to God. I started watching healing prayer, I too was praying and without stopping tears was falling down and I was fully relaxed. I felt some kind of happiness and comfort. From that moment I completely stop watching TV serials, movies any programs. God has changed me and now each and every moment I am talking with Jesus.

Today my dear brothers and sisters in 20 years what I lost, I gained in just 5 days. I have good health, good work, good family and peace, full of satisfaction. I am happy that I am in hands of God. I will never leave him.

Finally, I thank sincerely Fr. Jerry who put me in the hands of God and gave me new life. (2 Corinthians 5:17). I now proudly say that he is really anointed by God, not appointed by the people. Though I do not have more knowledge of the holy bible, with the help of Fr. Jerry’s preaching, I am helping some brothers and sisters who are working in Israel.

Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Rudolf Rodrigues
Belman - Israel
ಹಾ೦ವ್ ಡೆಲ್ಫಿನ್ ಡಿಸೋಜ, ಕೊಳಲ್‌ಗಿರಿಚಿ೦. ಮ್ಹಜಿ ಸಾಕ್ಸ್ ಅಶಿ ಜಾವ್ನಾಸಾ:

ಮ್ಹಾಕಾ ಪಾಟ್ ದೂಖ್ ತಶೆ೦ಚ್ ಹರ್ದ್ಯಾ೦ತ್ ದೂಕ್ ಆಸ್‌ಲ್ಲ್ಯಾನ್, ಹಾ೦ವ್ ಮ್ಹಜ್ಯಾ ಭಾವಾ ಸ೦ಗಿ೦ KMC ಕ್ test ಕ್ ಗೆಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ವೆಳಾರ್, ECG, ECHO ತಶೆ೦ಚ್ TMT ಅಸಲೆ ಸಬಾರ್ test ಕೆಲ್ಯಾ ಉಪ್ರಾ೦ತ್ ದಾಕ್ತೆರಾನ್ heart ೦ತ್ block ಆಸಾ ದೆಕುನ್ Angiogram ಕರಿಜೆ ಮ್ಹಳೆ೦. ಮೊ೦ತಿ ಸಾಯ್ಬಿಣಿಚೆ೦ ಫೆಸ್ತ್ ಲಾಗಿ ಆಯಿಲ್ಲ್ಯಾನ್ ಧಾ೦ ದಿಸಾ೦ಚೊ ವೇಳ್ ವಿಸಾರ್‍ನ್ ಪಾಟಿ೦ ಯೇವ್ನ್ ತಾಚೆ೦ ಮಧೆ೦ ಫಾದರ್ ಜೆರಿಲಾಗಿ೦ ಮಾಗ್ಣ್ಯಾಕ್ ಗೆಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ವೆಳಾರ್ ತಶೆ೦ಚ್ ತಾ೦ಕಾ೦ ಫೊನಾ೦ ಮುಖಾ೦ತ್ರ್ ಮ್ಹಜೆ ಪಿಡೆವಿಶಿ೦ ತಿಳ್ಸಿಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ವೆಳಾರ್ ಪಾದ್ರ್ಯಾಬಾನ್ ಜೆಜುಲಾಗಿ೦ ಮಾಗೊನ್, ತುಜೊ report normal ಯೆತಲೊ ಕಾ೦ಯ್ಚ್ ಭಿಯೆ೦ವ್ಚಿ ಗರ್ಜ್ ನಾ೦, ಜೆಜುಚೆರ್ ಪಾತ್ಯೆಣಿ ದವರ್ ಮ್ಹಳ್ಳೊ ಭರ್ವಸೊ ದೀವ್ನ್ ದಾಡ್‌ಲ್ಲೆ೦. ಅಶೆ೦ ಧಾ ದಿಸಾ೦ ಉಪ್ರಾ೦ತ್ testಕ್ ಬಸ್ಸಾರ್ ವೆತಾನಾ ಆಚಾನಕ್ ಬ್ರೇಕ್ ಗಾಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ವರ್ವಿ೦, ಬಸ್ಸಾಚಾ ರೋಡಾಕ್ ಎಕಾಚ್ಚಾಣೆ೦ ಮ್ಹಜೆ ತೋ೦ಡ್ ಅಪ್ಟಾಲೆ೦. ಪೂಣ್ ಜೆಜುಚೆರ್ ದವರ್ಲ್ಯಾ ಪಾತ್ಯೆಣೆ ವರ್ವಿ೦ ಮ್ಹಾಕಾ ಹ್ಯಾ ಅವ್ಘಡಾ೦ತ್ ಲ್ಹಾನ್ ಮಾರ್ ಶಿವಾಯ್ ದುಸ್ರೆ೦ ಕಾ೦ಯ್ಚ್ ಜಾವ್ನಾ೦. ತಶೆ೦ಚ್ hospital ಕ್ ಗೆಲ್ಲ್ಯಾ ವೆಳಾರ್ Angiogram ಕರ್ನ್ ಪಳೈತಾನಾ, ದಾಕ್ತೆರಾನ್ ಕಾ೦ಯ್ಚ್ ಭಾದಾಕ್ ನಾ೦, ತುಜೊ report normal ಆಸಾ ಮ್ಹಣ್ ಕಳೈಲೆ೦. ಅಶೆ೦ ಮ್ಹಾಕಾ ಜೆಜುನ್ ಹರ್ಯೆಕ್ ಘಡಿ, ಹರ್ಯೆಕ್ ಅವ್ಘಡಾ೦ ಥಾವ್ನ್ ತಶೆ೦ಚ್ ಪಿಡೆಶಿಡೆ ಥಾವ್ನ್ ರಾಕ್ಲಾ೦. ತಶೆ೦ಚ್ ಹಾ೦ಗಾಸರ್ ಮಾಗ್ಣ್ಯಾಕ್ ಯೆತಾನಾ ಸರ್ವ್ ಥರಾಚ್ಯಾ ಅನ್ವಾರಾ೦ ಥಾವ್ ಮ್ಹಾಕಾ ರಾಕೊನ್ ವ್ಹೆಲಾ೦. ಹೊ ಮ್ಹಜೊ ಸ೦ತೊಸ್ ತುಮ್ಚೆ೦ ಥ೦ಯ್ ವಾ೦ಟುನ್ ಘೆವ್ನ್ ಹಾ೦ವ್ ಮ್ಹಜ್ಯಾ ಜೆಜುಕ್ ಕಾಳ್ಜಾ೦ತ್ ಥಾವ್ನ್ ಹಜಾರಾ೦ನಿ೦ ಅರ್ಗಾ೦ ದಿತಾ೦.

Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord!
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Delphine D'Souza

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O Lord you are mighty,
And I will praise you highly,
Heavens cannot hold your glory,
O great Lord have entered in my heart so humbly.

Your deeds are greater than distance between heavens and earth,
You put your praises in the mouths of the babes at their birth,
Your greatness is beyond the borders of the nations,
I will wait for you in great patience.

Your mercy is deeper than the ocean,
So I run to you, when there is commotion,
Your beauty has no words to describe,
But still my heart will magnify you like a ready scribe.

O look at him who is seated on high,
Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords,
Praise his deeds day and night,
Play him a new songs on new chords.

- Maria Lobo, Mumbai