"Praise the Lord"

I completed my graduation in May 2014 and was striving for job. I came to Bangalore and started searching. I asked Fr.Jerry to pray for me and he told me not to worry, God will give me a good and better Job. I started giving interviews in many companies and got selected too. I thought that was the way which God showed me but I was wrong, the offer which I got was rejected because of delay in my results as that was not meant for me.

Later I gave interview in IBM and waited for 2 months. At that time I prayed with God that I am not going to give any other interviews after this because I know that you will give me job in IBM itself, but its your wish not mine and I will give testimony if I get job in IBM. I kept complete faith on God that he'll help me to get into it. I faced many people saying, try in some other companies also don't depend on 1 company but I didn't listen to them.

Because Jesus told, If u have little faith then you can command a mountain to fall in sea and it will.

Here I felt the meaning of these words and experienced too.

God did not leave me and made me get into the same company.

I got into IBM with good shift and with good colleagues.

I thank Holy Trinity for abundant blessings on me and my family and Fr. Jerry for his prayers.

Date of Posting: 16 September 2014
Posted By: Nikitha Lasrado
Koteshwar, Kundapur
Last year during this time in May 2013 I had come to Mangalore for a visit. And as soon as I came and I met Fr. Jerry in Trinity.

I had just completed my graduation that time and I was terribly disturbed and distressed about where will I get a job and about my career and future.

And what I heard from Father those words of consolation and grace is still in my heart and mind.

While I came for a retreat at Kenchankere and last when I came to ask blessings from Father, he told me to Trust God and Keep faith in Jesus that he will never leave me.

Thereafter i came to Mumbai in June, trusting only in my God and the Psalm 23 I read three times and I went for the interview here in Mumbai.

There were 126 people who had come for an interview that day and out of that only I got selected because My God had already prepared a Job for me there.

This June 2014 I complete one year with this company Capita India.

And it is only because of trusting God and his blessings that has helped me to sustain and blessed with a good job and good future.

I thank you Fr Jerry for always praying for me and above all thank you for the touching retreat talks that you upload in the website. I always make it a point to visit website dmsworld.in to hear the word of God.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Joel Ivan D'Silva
Praise The Lord !

I hereby like to give my testimony for what Lord Jesus has done in my life.

In 1999 I heard first time your retreat for 5 days in Kulur Church, where I came to know Jesus more closely and what the Word of God is. I also understood what Ten Commandments meant through Word of God. From my childhood I always use to speak to Jesus as a friend, I didn’t know talking to Jesus is also a prayer. As I grew up I got attached to the world. I lived Christian as a name but did not truly live it. After attending retreat in 1999 Jesus changed my life to live the way he wanted. I attended retreats in Mulky nearly 3 times in Konkani and once in English. Each time I attended the retreat I found I attended for first time. Since Saturday was Divine Youth day I stayed on Friday after the retreat to attend Divine Youth one day retreat. On Friday evening I was feeling lonely even though one of my friend was with me. I was badly remembering my mom. So I went before sacrament to pray, that time I found a book The Precious Blood of Jesus in which I got to read how Jesus eagerly waits for us in Holy sacrament and feels lonely when none of us bother to visit Him and speak to Him. Jesus gave me His pain of loneliness which was severe, where I found difficult to bear. From that day I decided to visit Holy sacrament daily. I prayed to the Lord to give me a job where I can visit Holy Sacrament daily before going to work. To my surprise God gave me job in St Aloysius College where 1hr I use to spend before Holy Sacrament in Adoration Monastery in Milagres then I use to go to work. Till to day I am continuing this even though I left job in St Aloysius College. Presently I am working in a private company near Chilimbi, still I go daily to Urwa Church because there is a Monastery where there is Holy Sacrament.This way Lord gave me a way to do His will. I found that though many Christian children are studying there no students who make time to visit Jesus. Only during exams I find students coming there to pray. To my notice, I found a Hindu girl who is studying in primary, comes there daily. She prays so faithfully closing her eyes and joining hands in faith. She even reads Kannada Bible by herself.

I had a dream where Jesus says something but I do not understanding. I had planned to go to attend a retreat in Kerala, Mother Home which is in Kannur dist. I knew that retreat is in Malayalam but I was told there is translation in Kannada. So I took with me Kannada Bible. I didn’t know till I reached that retreat centre the retreat is in Malayalam and no translation. I planned that moment to come back. One aunty who took me there told that it is God's will, that I should attend retreat. Even she didn’t knew that I am unaware that retreat is in Malayalam and no translation. She prayed for me to change my mind and stay for retreat when I said I want to go home. I always use to say The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want after you told to read it. I just cried before Lord I came in intention to attend for spiritual need, there also I found picture of Jesus as Shepherd. But to my surprise Lord starting showing visions where I could understood what was told in Malayalam. He showed me there how people there give thanks to Him dancing singing which I never found in Mangalore. No one knew there that I don’t know Malayalam. When Fr. Mathew, Director of retreat centre told that I don’t know Malayalam then only everyone knew. I met people who served Lord which gave me inspirations.

I Thank You Jesus for being with me every time.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Sweety Veigas
Dear Fr.Jerry,

All Praise & honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. After continuosly attending your retreats for the past 3 years in Goa, Jesus has blessed me with a wonderful job in Abudhabi. I was interviewed on 16th & 17th of December' 2013 in a MNC (German Company) in Abudhabi, the same days you were giving retreat in Goa and was selected on the 17th and got my offer and contract letter on the 19th with a very high salary beyond my expectations. Earlier, I had been to UAE four times but nothing worked. Thank you Fr. Jerry for teaching me to totally surrender to God's will and not my own. Today Psalm 23, 91 & 121 which Fr. tells to recite everyday during his retreats has worked miracles for me. Once again thank you Fr. Jerry & Team for all your prayers. Praise God...Amen.
Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Debbie Fernandes
Praise the Lord. I am Richard Fernandes. I am working in Doha-Qatar. Everyday I am listening to Fr. Jerry’s word of God talks and healing prayer and mass. It is true that God is sending his messengers, the same way God has sent Fr. Jerry. Through you Fr, I have experienced the love of God. When I come back from work and before going to work atleast 1 hour I say my regular prayers. I completely stop watching TV serials, news, movies any programs, chatting. God has changed me and now. Each and every moment I talk with Jesus. My favorite game is cricket. Before I wasted my time in playing cricket. I stopped all. I spend more of my time with Jesus. Jesus gave me peace, full of satisfaction. I am happy that I am in the hands of God. I will never leave him. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Praise the Lord. Alleluia Love you Jesus.

I thank sincerely Fr. Jerry who put me in the hands of God and gave me new life. May Almighty God bless you abundantly to take forward his mission. Thank you Fr. Jerry.

I thank God for his bountiful blessings on me and my family through the prayers of Fr. Jerry and Team.

Date of Posting: 01 August 2014
Posted By: Richard Fernandes

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You only need to be still and trust in his ways and timings.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai