Just yesterday, someone told me, years ago, a priest visited them and prayed for the family. The poor family had nothing to give to him except a few coins. The priest got angry with them for giving him so little, so he refused to take that money and told them to buy peanuts and give to the children. This incident reminded me of what Jesus had said about the poor widow, in the gospels. “A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which are worth a penny”. Then he called his disciples and said to them “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury, for all of them have contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on” (Mk. 12:42-22).

I have encountered, many such widows and poor people in my life. Many a times, it is the poor people who are more generous than those who have plenty. Recently one elderly mother, who attended our Saturday retreat came to me and gave Rs.500/- for God’s work. I told that mother, you need that money in this old age, please use it for your need; in return she said, no father, if I give, God will bless me and give me more. I was really shocked to hear that. There are many, poor people like the poor widow in the gospel, even though they do not have much to give, in what they give they please God, with their generosity.

We have a similar situation in the old testament. During the time of prophet Elijah, the widow of Zarephat, who had nothing to live on yet she believed God and did what the man of God had said. For Elijah told her, “do not be afraid; go and do as you have said; but first make a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterwards make something for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord the God of Israel; The jar of meal will not be emptied and the jug of oil will not fail until the day that the Lord, sends rain on the earth” (1 Kings 17:13-14).

Yes! The jar of meal was not emptied, neither did the jug of oil fail, according to the word of God, that he spoke by Elijah. So, do not be stingy or greedy, in sharing what you have; for God sees your heart, while man sees the amount. So, let us be generous in giving, so that God may bless our generosity and bless us abundantly. Amen.


+1 #2 remedios dcosta 2014-08-01 12:16
wow praise the LORD! hallelujah! how true and I claim that Prosperity is mine in the name of JESUS Divine health is mine in the name of Jesus! Peace in the House in the name of Jesus! FR Jerry GOD Bless you and your team richly all the days of your Life! AMEN!
0 #1 Ronald 2014-08-01 12:15
yes it is absolutely true... we give more we get more... we only have to trust in god.

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I came to your temple seeking your help,
With heart full of hurts and with bitterness overwhelmed,
With no strength in my bones, I reached at your gate,
You are a merciful God, who never shuns the lame.

With riches of your glory and love, you saved me from death,
Hands of scars lifted my life from the hell,
Cursed life was made new with your blessings and Holy Spirit,
In Jesus alone, I find my hope for living.

He will never turn his back from the one who seek him
Jesus is the morning star of those whose hope have become dim,
Take courage, take one step towards him in his name,
Look he will come running towards you, with love and grace

Bless the Lord, you who sinners made saint,
Proclaim his deeds all the days that you live,
For his love, what in return can we give,
Our life is the only best thing that we can give back to him.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai


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The life which we have received with great toil,
We may lose it with our words spoken, within no time,
Let us guard our lips and recall his holy name in our mind.
And this hour of temptation will pass like cloud in the sky.

The relationship with God and our neighbor is so precious,
But we do not know,we can lose them only because of our words,
Let us mind our tongue and we will stand firm,
With balanced words, let us show them honour and love.

Silence is the strongest weapon in this world,
But this world perceives it as weak and low,
But Almighty God is the one who loves peace and love,
Let us remain silent and he will fight our war.

Let our mouth only speak about Jesus,
Let our mind always count his blessings.
Let our heart always feel his love and mercy,
All our life let us adore the one who Yahweh the Almighty.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai