My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. In our spiritual life we most often because of our mistakes or our sins we experience guilt which leads us to sit in sadness, in grief, in isolation and many a times we wait for some spiritual leader to take one step towards us to help us out of this situation, and most of the time such situation leads us into frustration and taking back our steps from faith in Christ,because we do not find any hope or any help from people andin such situations, we tend to feel that God also is not helping us out, because we are focusing more on our problems, on our past or on our future.We are seeking help from people and not from God. And some of us we sit silently with spiritual homeostasis, expecting God to help us out. What do you think will God help us out? No, my dear brothers and sisters he will surely not help us out.

Today God is asking each one of us to take one step at a time towards him. Because when we take one step, he will take ten steps to help us out. James 4:8 tells us Draw near to him and he will draw near to you.Today our sins are holding us back to take a step towards God. But let us make an effort to take one step, one true step to go to him, one step to pray to him, one step to know the truth, one step to ask God to figure it out where we have gone wrong and one step to allow him to take control of the situation. And surely, he will help us and free us from all our bondages.

In Isaiah 1:8-9 God says Come now,let us argue it out, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be like snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.Here God is asking us to come to him, to take one step to go near to him and speak to him, to take one step to be obedient to him and then he will help us out. We also read in Jeremiah 15:19Therefore, thus says the Lord: if you turn back, I will take you back, and you shall stand before me. If you utter what is precious, and not what is worthless, you shall serve as my mouth. Here in this verse God is asking us to turn back to him and not that he will turn back to us, because it iswe who have forsaken him. Hewants us to take one step to stop sinning and if we take that one step then God will bless us and help us for sure.

In the past Noah took one step to live a righteous life and God saved him from the mighty floods. Abraham took one step to separate from his family and God gave him a nation as his inheritance and became the Father of Nations. David took one step to repent from his sin and God gave him the grace to rule over Israel for forty years. And also, there aremany known characters in the Holy Bible who have taken courage to take one step towards the path pleasing to God and God have blessed them immensely. Today if we take one step, one true step we will see God working in our lives. Let’s believe in him and receive his blessings. God bless you.

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I came to your temple seeking your help,
With heart full of hurts and with bitterness overwhelmed,
With no strength in my bones, I reached at your gate,
You are a merciful God, who never shuns the lame.

With riches of your glory and love, you saved me from death,
Hands of scars lifted my life from the hell,
Cursed life was made new with your blessings and Holy Spirit,
In Jesus alone, I find my hope for living.

He will never turn his back from the one who seek him
Jesus is the morning star of those whose hope have become dim,
Take courage, take one step towards him in his name,
Look he will come running towards you, with love and grace

Bless the Lord, you who sinners made saint,
Proclaim his deeds all the days that you live,
For his love, what in return can we give,
Our life is the only best thing that we can give back to him.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai


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The life which we have received with great toil,
We may lose it with our words spoken, within no time,
Let us guard our lips and recall his holy name in our mind.
And this hour of temptation will pass like cloud in the sky.

The relationship with God and our neighbor is so precious,
But we do not know,we can lose them only because of our words,
Let us mind our tongue and we will stand firm,
With balanced words, let us show them honour and love.

Silence is the strongest weapon in this world,
But this world perceives it as weak and low,
But Almighty God is the one who loves peace and love,
Let us remain silent and he will fight our war.

Let our mouth only speak about Jesus,
Let our mind always count his blessings.
Let our heart always feel his love and mercy,
All our life let us adore the one who Yahweh the Almighty.

- K. Maria Lobo, Mumbai